14/15bbl Fermenter
The sturdiest, cleanest
most equipped
most versatile
most attractive
least expensive
fermenting tank

The standard 10-15 bbl serving tanks 

They come complete with dished top and bottom,
CIP arm with sprayball, drain pipe (beer out),
removable sanitary thermowell and thermometer,
level-gauge fittings with sanitary TC-connections,
pressure/vacuum-relief valve port,
port for sanitary pressure gauge,
port for carbonating stone,
sanitary sampling valve,
three adjustable legs,
polished interior,
#4 finish exterior.

Fermenter at customer site
with adjustable legs
and high pressure side manway

Please call for current, competitive price
(Occasional special pricing as announced)
Quantity pricing for minimum 15 units is available.
Optional items: Butterfly valve ($125.00)
Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve ($175.00)
Sanitary Pressure Gauge with diaphragm (175.00)