Manufacturer: Beraplan (Germany)
A true traditional German Brew House with "Nostalgie" type copper onion dome on both the Mash/Lauter Tun and the steam heated Brew Kettle, and copper cladding on the side as well. Rakes in the Mash/Lauter Tun and agitator in the Brew Kettle to allow decoction. Separate Whirlpool and Hot Liquor Tank. 3x10 and 1x20 hl Fermenters, 6x10, 2x14 and 3x20 hl Lagering tanks, all jacketed. 5 copper clad jacketed and insulated Serving Tanks made this system a real showcase brewery.
This brewery was installed in 1994 to produce excellent beers in an initially succesful brewpub. It was dismantled in 1997, approximately after 2-1/2 years of useage. The equipment is currently stored in a warehouse ready to ship.
10 hl Serving Tanks in their original location in 1996

The 10 bbl Mash/Lauter Tun
with "Nostalgie" onion Dome
and copper cladding

3x10 and a 20hl Fermenters
11 Lagering and 5 Serving Tanks
belong to the system

10 hl Mash Kettle - Copper Onion Dome
10 hl Lauter Tun - Copper Onion Dome
2 pcs. 10 hl Jacketed & Insulated Fermenters
1 piece 14 hl Jacketed & Insulated Fermenter
1 piece 20 hl Jacketed & Insulated Fermenter
5 pcs. 10 hl Copper Clad Serving Tanks
6 pcs. 10 hl Jacketed Lagering Tanks
2 pcs 14 hl Jacketed Lagering Tanks
3 pcs. 20 hl Jacketed Lagering Tank
10 hl Copper Clad Hot Liquor Tank
Heated CIP tank
10 hl Whirlpool
Glycol Chiller
Available for: $69,800
(As is)
Warranty, modifications, installation optionally provided by Bavarian Brewery Technologies.
For information contact: Lewis Harsanyi at Bavarian, (310) 391-1091 - Fax: (310) 391-4530