The high quality and aesthetics are illustrated in these pictures... All welds show the masterful design of the engineer and the artistic execution by the welding specialist. 
    When welding, there are at least three important goals to observe. One is accuracy and strength of welds, the second is quality characterized mainly by cleanability, and, the third is aesthetics. 
    Bavarian Brewery Technologies employs highly educated engineers and welding specialists throughout the factory, who fully observe all these goals set by the requirements of brewing technology and market demand. Besides the strong domestic schooling and training, many participated Bavarian’s special training sessions in Germany and Japan, to learn additional ”quality secrets”. 
    Bavarian’s manufacturing facilities are situated in an industrial area, which is the center of national education and training of welding specialist, which is a guarantee for constant quality. 
Fermenters, serving tanks and bright beer tanks may have manway doors either on the top or on the side of the tank. (Top-mounted manways allow easier yeast pitching, while side-mounted manways are more attractive for the eye.) The above picture shows the accuracy and the fine welding of a top-mounted manway door frame. Naturally, the inside welding is sanitary.

Attention is paid to every detail. Even the welding of the stabilizing pipes of the fermenters is a piece of art... 
We at Bavarian consider one single most important goal: QUALITY.

To avoid creating a hotbed for bacteria, there are no threaded fittings on Bavarian’s fermenters, bright beer tanks, serving tanks. The use of sanitary connection also allows for easy cleaning and handling.   

Pressure Gauges  

Our standard pressure gauges are made of stainless steel. They are attached to a diapragm shell which passes the pressure to the gauge’s bi-metal sensor. The diaphragm is laser-welded to the fitting to avoid direct contact with the gauge.  

Sampling valves  

The sampling valve is attached to the tank through a sanitary clamp adapter that is welded (sanitary) to the neck of the valve. The valve is easily cleanable either in CIP process or detached. 
    As shown on the picture, the sampling valve is easily detachable with the clamp.  


Similar to the sampling valve, both the upper and the lower fitting of the level-gauge holder are attached to the tank by a clamp.  
    The engineering design of the upper fitting allows for a separate CIP connection for easy cleanig and sanitizing. The three-way lower fitting is equipped with a drain valve.  


A 6” clamped stainless steel thermowell is used to avoid direct contact of a thermometer or sensor with the beer. Easily cleanable and detachable. 

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