BBT launches new product: True Pilot Systems


Purpose – Imitation of performance of larger brewing systems, in order to perform tests, demonstrations and to serve educational purposes or occasionally hobbyists.

Batch Size – For the time being, 50 liter to 235 liter (2 bbl).

Brew House Design – Steam heated three vessels brew house. The prototype design has a Mash Kettle with a variable speed agitator and steam jackets regulated by temperature controller. Dedicated Mash Pump transfers mash into a Lauter Tun. Single runoff outlet below the false bottom. Sparging through a stationary spray ball. Variable speed rakes and knives.Brew Kettle with multiple steam jackets for controlled and rolling boil. Built-in Whirlpool to separate wort from trub. Single stage Heat Exchanger. Two- or four vessels design is also possible.

Configuration – The brew house comes with at least one cylindroconical temperature controlled fermenter (unitank) and one dish-to-dish temperature controlled bright/lagering tank. More fermenters and bright tanks can be added. Modular design with frames on wheels.

Automation – The system is automated from heating of mashing water to whirlpool. The heart of the automation is a Festo computer with a touch screen display. PT100 sensors, ultrasonic level sensor, electronic flow meter, pressure regulated pneumatic butterfly valve help control temperature levels, lautering, sparging. Manual and semi-automatic design also available.

Aesthetic Design – Vessels are copper clad, arranged in a pleasing manner with pumps, process piping, control panel.

Pricing – Depends on batch size, configuration of brew house, number of tanks, type of cladding and the level of automation.

The BBT Minisystem was introduced at Drinktec 2005 in Munich Germany, with considerable success.

Please ask for quote. Tel.: (310) 391-1091

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