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Beer is America's most popular alcoholicbeverage. Freshness, hand-craftsmanship and variety are only becoming recentlythe important qualities of beer in America. Although there were thousandsof small breweries in the United States before the Prohibition, until adecade ago, only a handful of (mostly) large breweries existed, offeringmore "consistency" than individuality.

In the 1980's, as the state lawsopened up the opportunities, the concept of microbrewery and brewpub tookthe United States by storm. (By definition, the difference between thetwo is that a brew pub sells its beer usually on the premises, while amicrobrewery sells to restaurants and pubs.) There are over a thousandsmall breweries in the U.S. that have their own brewing equipment. 

Operating own brewing systems bymany, allows the flourishing of individuality and variety in beer. Duringthe early 80's, many of the first small breweries struggled with home-fabricatedbrewing equipment that hindered consistency in the product. By the 1990'sseveral brewing system manufacturers developed to the level of sophisticationthat allowed not only consistency, but the ease of use, brewing economyand hygiene.

While beer sales by the few hugebreweries has been stagnating, sales by brewpubs and microbreweries hassky-rocketed! What would be the reason of this astounding success?

First, the individuality of the localbrew. The proper brewing equipment allows production of virtually any kindof beer. Second, people love the visual appeal of the aesthetically craftedbrewing system. Brewing equipment is built of stainless steel, which byitself is very appealing. The outside look can be enhanced to the splendid:decorating with copper cladding, using German style (original, too!) copperonion domed brew houses, even sterling silver! Third, they love to watchthe brewmaster while working with the brewery equipment hand-crafting thenext batch... They love to sample and discuss beer with the brewer or thebartender. A totally strong customer loyalty develops, which is strongerthan any food loyalty in the restaurant business.

Last, but not the least important,is profitability. Brewpubs with proper management and brewing equipmentcan easily achieve 90% gross profit on beer!


It is a necessity to have a brewingequipment manufacturing company to be on your team offering and supplyingsophisticated, but still simple brewing systems for your planned operation.That will enable you to enter into this extraordinarily profitable industry,and to maintain a favorable position in it. A company that can take anentrepreneur with limited or no knowledge in selecting the appropriatebrewing system and in operating the same brewing equipment to achieve thegoals prescribed in your business plan, by becoming a confident and successfulplayer in this incredible, new brewing industry.

Bavarian Brewery Technologies, alsoknown as Bavarian Brewing Systems, is the company that can provide youexactly that!

Bavarian BrewingSystems offers "excellence, service and affordability". Whether as a stand-alonemicrobrewery or as a profit-building addition to new or existing restaurants,virtually no other single component can potentially generate more profitsthan a Bavarian Brewing Systems' equipment. All this with double guarantee:first, we promise the lowest price in the industry for highest quality.This quality is backed by the industry's unprecedented 10 years' warrantyprogram.

Bavarian BrewingSystems can not only increase your profit ratio and boost both food andbeverage sales,  but can generally return initial investments withinjust 12 to 24 months! Bavarian Brewing Systems is the only company capableof providing you with the total support requirements, from site designto custom equipment manufacturing, from brewing system installation toplumbing, to electrical, to pipe insulation, from training to recipe design,to hand-holding, to total support. 

If you alreadyhave an experienced brewing enterprise you may simply elect to order thebest brewing equipment on the market, best betting on Bavarian BreweryTechnologies' system. If you are a total novice to brewing, you may contractfor the complete systems and management program. The Bavarian team willbe with you every step of the way. The team has been hand-pickedfrom all fields of expertise necessary to provide you with the total brewingsystems package, worldwide.

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