"One beer is better than no beer. Two beers are better than one beer. But four beers are not twice as good as two beers." (Professor Dr. Anton Piendl, Institute for Brewery Technology and Microbiology at Technical University Munich-Wheihenstephan).
    Professor Dr. Hans Hoffmeister of Free University of Berlin and Director of the Robert-Koch-Institute in Berlin, explained that moderate consumption of alcohol is 4 to 40 grams per day which corresponds to 0.1 to 1 liter of beer.
    Professor Dr. Anton Piendl of the Technical University of Munich-Weihenstephan recommends drinking a half liter (one pint) of beer in the evening or before going to bed.

In the recent few years, official circles in the United States and the United Kingdom have changed their attitude towards alcohol consumption from "less is better".

The British Government recently set up an inter-departmental committee to evaluate all available studies on the alcohol consumption on human health. It gave the following recommendations at the end of  the evaluation:

1.  One to two drinks per day are beneficial
2.  Up to three or four drinks daily is harmless
3.  More than three-four drinks daily is risky.


It is a widely emphasized opinion of the researchers and experts, that there should be a balanced report on the effects -- beneficial and harmful -- of alcohol consumption, particularly beer consumption. Emphasis being on beer for the fact that beer, due to the presence of the numerous beneficial substances and positive effects on health, is very different from the so-called "empty" alcoholic beverages. As a result, if it is scientifically accepted that moderate alcohol consumption is beneficial to health, then moderate beer drinking is definetely more beneficial to health than those beverages that contain nothing else than alcohol. This is especially true for craft-brewed beers.
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