Professor Dr. Joseph Keul of the Department ofRehabilitative and Preventive Sports Medicine, University Clinic of Freiburg,Germany wrote, that "the scientific findings did away with a number ofprejudices" related to beer consumption. Apparently, the habit of eatingvery fatty food combined with high beer consumption a century ago leadto the belief that beer causes overweight body.
    He pointed out, however, that"numerous studies have shown that body weight does not change when beeris consumed in moderation: with constant energy intake, it might evendrop in many instances". 
    According to the Professor,"moderate alcohol consumption also results in a different composition ofthe body, namely, to a reduced fat portion, because alcohol has a reducingeffect on lipometabolism. In addition, beneficial effects on fat and sugarmetabolism, blood coagulation and blood pressure regulation have been describedin recent publications". 

Satisfied monk
painting by Eduard Gruetzer

The Professor also emphasized that "when consumingalcohol [at moderate level], the content of arterial sclerosis-promotingcholesterol decreases at the same time. These changes occur particularlyin people who exercise in moderation and lead a sensible life. Moderatebeer consumption can thus replace Aspirin as a prophylaxis against myocardialinfarction [heart attack]".
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