BBD strives to help its customers build economical, functional and business-smart microdistilleries by understanding your current needs as well as your future plans for growth and expansion.

When collaborating with our customers we are driven by solution-engineering, service and trust.

-We continuously work to better understand the needs of your distillery: its production goals; its timelines; its production efficiencies; and its final products. With these key components in mind, we SOLUTION-ENGINEER a distillery system that will work for you.

-We will not stop at equipment. For our customers we provide SERVICES that begin from manufacturing and continue through the life of your business.

-Following through on our word and consistently delivering what we promise earns trust. This TRUST becomes the basis of our long-lasting relationships with our customers.

With Bavarian Breweries & Distilleries you will see that your continued growth and success is important to us and we will be ready to help in the ways that we can.
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Bavarian Holstein sells Arizona its first
distillery system. The Mogollon
Brewing Company
, aka High Spirits
, will specialize in producing
vodkas. They are excited about the new
venture and encourage fellow breweries to join the distilling bandwagon.

Bavarian Holstein Partners brings you the best the
distilling industry has to offer: pot stills made with the
genius of true "German Engineering." Find out what
separates Holstein from the rest and makes our distilleries
Number One in the world.

Tell us your vision. We'll find a solution. Bavarian
Holstein custom builds all its distilleries, giving you exactly
what you need. Whether you want to start big with a
5,000L pot still or start small with a 150L still, we will
work with you to maximize the bang for your buck.

Arnold Holstein's engineers constantly strive to bring their
distillery equipment up to the latest standards in
technology. Offering their patented catalyzer, efficient
cleaning system, and solid engineering, Holstein
guarantees robust and exceptional distillery systems.
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