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Premium Vodka and Affordability
For many prospective distillers vodka is the driving force behind the success of their distilleries. Without any aging requirements its production is fast, easy and yields a pretty quick cash-flow. Nevertheless, ambitious entrepreneurs do not want to rush in blindly and they want equipment that will help them create a "premium" brand. Here, Bavarian Holstein can help you.

We have designed a vodka unit that will most economically bring you to the highest proof possible at the lowest cost for you. For example, when someone says, "We would like to make 190+ proof vodka," our first response is that it will require a minimum of about 35 bubble plates. Given the height requirements and costly equipment, many will find this out of their budget. However, if you opt for distilling between 188 and 190 proof, which is perceivably just as clean as a 190+ proof product, you can save a significant amount on equipment costs and even building costs, if you can get away with shorter ceilings.

As the decision-maker, you have to decide at what point you will pay a higher price for what may be a .1 or .2 % difference in the product's proof. Please contact Andrea Heffernan to learn more about your options.

Smooth Spirits
All enthusiastic distillers have specific goals in mind for how their products should taste. Most likely, you will not find a single one who prefers a rough, fiery swallow to a delicate, tasty glide down the throat. This is why our equipment is made with copper and even has a patented component, Holstein's catalyzer, for which the sole purpose is to further clean out unwanted impurities and help create that hard-sought for smoothness. Our patented catalyzer has a maximized copper surface area - a carefully crafted design that no other manufacturer can imitate. At the same time, this surface area is easily cleaned - a detail not to be overlooked.

With proper detergent cleaning, the entire copper surface area can be reactivated, allowing distillers to utilize every square inch. Copper packing is not comparable because water and detergents cannot have contact with all the crevices and crumpled areas. This leads to a diminished use of the copper inside and will create inconsistencies in your spirit. Holstein's design assures you that your products will have consistency - a key component to your distillery's success.

EUR/USD Exchange Rate
Many of you who are close to purchasing your distillery equipment are keenly aware of the EUR/USD exchange rate. Since our equipment is manufactured in Germany and Hungary, our prices are quoted in Euros. As the Euro gets stronger, your dollar price goes up, making the decision to buy even more difficult. At Holstein, we would like to alleviate some of this for you and are working on an arrangement with both Holstein and Bavarian Brewery Technologies to help keep your dollar price down.

Please contact Andrea Heffernan at 310-391-1091 to find out what your options are right now.

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Bavarian Holstein sells Arizona its first
distillery system. The Mogollon
Brewing Company
, aka High Spirits
, will specialize in producing
vodkas. They are excited about the new
venture and encourage fellow breweries to join the distilling bandwagon.

Bavarian Holstein Partners brings you the best the
distilling industry has to offer: pot stills made with the
genius of true "German Engineering." Find out what
separates Holstein from the rest and makes our distilleries
Number One in the world.

Tell us your vision. We'll find a solution. Bavarian
Holstein custom builds all its distilleries, giving you exactly
what you need. Whether you want to start big with a
5,000L pot still or start small with a 150L still, we will
work with you to maximize the bang for your buck.

Arnold Holstein's engineers constantly strive to bring their
distillery equipment up to the latest standards in
technology. Offering their patented catalyzer, efficient
cleaning system, and solid engineering, Holstein
guarantees robust and exceptional distillery systems.
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