Culver City, California, April 2, 2003 Ė World leading manufacturer of brewing equipment, Bavarian Brewery Technologies of Culver City, CA and Arnold Holstein Gmbh of Markdorf, Germany entered into a partnership agreement to join forces in building, supplying and marketing a full line of top quality distillery equipment. The partnership will operate in North America under the trade name Bavarian-Holstein Partners.

Under the partnership "Bavarian-Holstein Partners", the manufacturing and marketing activities are merged into a common sense co-operation between Bavarian Brewery Technologies and Arnold Holstein GmbH. Bavarian-Holstein will satisfy all distillery equipment needs from low-end to top, "deluxe" design of complete or partial systems, all executed with the highest quality and the most competitive prices in the industry. Mr. Volker Dietrich, Holstein's Engineering and Export Manager said: "Based on our broad experience in building traditional and precision state-of-the-art German distilleries, our company took on many 'show-case' jobs worldwide. We produced more than 5000 distilleries. I expect that our stills combined with Bavarianís very high quality and price efficient tanks will beat every other competitorís offerings in the world."

According to Dr. Lewis Harsanyi of Bavarian Brewery Technologies, president and owner, "Bavarian-Holstein will have the task to make the emerging North American market know the partnership's products, and to market them with a strong competitive edge over others because of the unquestionnable quality, high level of service by both partners and the guaranteed lowest price across the board, based on comparable products" Harsanyi said.


Bavarian Brewery Technologies has been manufacturing brewing systems for worldwide customers (US, Germany, Japan, China, Carribean) for twelve years, headquartered at 5041 Coolidge Ave., Culver City, California 90230. Arnold Holstein GmbH has been fabricating and installing distillery systems also worldwide, and is located at Stadtgraben 15, Markdorf, Germany.
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Bavarian Holstein sells Arizona its first
distillery system. The Mogollon
Brewing Company
, aka High Spirits
, will specialize in producing
vodkas. They are excited about the new
venture and encourage fellow breweries to join the distilling bandwagon.

Bavarian Holstein Partners brings you the best the
distilling industry has to offer: pot stills made with the
genius of true "German Engineering." Find out what
separates Holstein from the rest and makes our distilleries
Number One in the world.

Tell us your vision. We'll find a solution. Bavarian
Holstein custom builds all its distilleries, giving you exactly
what you need. Whether you want to start big with a
5,000L pot still or start small with a 150L still, we will
work with you to maximize the bang for your buck.

Arnold Holstein's engineers constantly strive to bring their
distillery equipment up to the latest standards in
technology. Offering their patented catalyzer, efficient
cleaning system, and solid engineering, Holstein
guarantees robust and exceptional distillery systems.
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